FIXING Makeup Mist 50ml

FIXING Makeup Mist 50ml

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Expiry: 01/09/2024

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The make-up fixing mist keeps the make-up in perfect condition for many hours, retains the right colors and long-lasting matte.


The mist dries instantly, does not leave an oily layer on the skin, but only a transparent protective film.

It is washed off very well with classic make-up removers.


Action The skin, covered with a delicate transparent coating, is protected against unfavorable external conditions (e.g. sweat, heat, rain), smudging and abrasion - it works well in situations where the make-up must remain intact for a long time.



Use With two or three short sprays, apply the mist evenly on the face covered with the final make-up from a distance of about 30 cm, with your eyes and mouth closed and your breath held for a moment.