Royal Snail Day & Night Cream  60 + 50ML

Royal Snail Day & Night Cream 60 + 50ML

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Why not feel better? Treat yourself to Eveline Concentrated Cream. It contains a unique combination of active ingredients that help to stimulate physiological processes in the skin and thus promote skin regeneration .Krém firms the skin and smoothes wrinkles . Suitable for mature and sensitive skin.


  • stimulates physiological processes of skin regeneration
  • intensively increases strength and elasticity
  • provides global rejuvenating effect
  • fills wrinkles
  • helps restore clear skin tone


Concentrated day and night cream is a combination of active ingredients designed for mature and sensitive skin 60+. It contains snail filtrate and Matrixyl Synthe 6, which fill wrinkles, tone skin and visually rejuvenate it. Prodizia and Niacynamid restore youthful shade, firm the skin, reducing the effects of aging. Innovative heptapeptide Pep-7Repair helps correct regeneration processes, thus smoothing, nourishing and firming the skin.


Apply every morning and evening to perfectly clean and dried skin, either alone or as a base for makeup. Spread evenly and allow to absorb thoroughly.