Royal Snail Day & Night Cream 40+ 50ML

Royal Snail Day & Night Cream 40+ 50ML

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Expiry: 2024-05-20

Short-dated clearance

Concentrated Intensely Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50ml

3% repair SNAIL filtrate


CONCENTRATED INTENSELY ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM 40+ significantly increases skin regeneration abilities, acting as GLOBAL REJUVENATION ACTIVATOR:

1. Supports skin renewal processes:
Neo-DNA complex and PEP-7REPAIR™ stimulate the proper course of regeneration processes, thus the skin becomes firmer and more elastic.

2. Corrects wrinkles visibility:
Snail slime filtrate reduces visibility of first ageing symptoms, reduces wrinkles and prevents formation of the new ones.

3. Restores youthful firmness and tension:
ARGATENSIVE™ immediately tenses the skin and smoothes fine lines

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