Rich Coconut, Coconut Eye Cream ultra-rich 15ml

Rich Coconut, Coconut Eye Cream ultra-rich 15ml

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Extremely rich, vegan recipe based in 97% on ingredients of natural origin, based on organic coconut. The cream quickly and effectively reduces the symptoms of fatigue, intensively moisturizes, removes wrinkles and fine lines, restoring the skin around the eyes to a natural glow.



• ORGANIC COCONUT OIL - has strong moisturizing properties, deeply nourishes and revitalizes the skin, thanks to which the skin regains its natural softness and     elasticity.
• CAFFEINE - effectively reduces swelling.
• HYALURONIC ACID - deeply moisturizes and smoothes fine lines.
• SHEA BUTTER - intensively nourishes, providing a powerful dose of vitamins and minerals.
• BANANA EXTRACT - effectively reduces the visibility of fine lines and discoloration.
• PROBIOTICS - protect the natural, unique microbiome that keeps the skin in good condition, preserving its beauty for longer.



How to use it:
Massage the cream into cleansed skin under the eyes and on the eyelids. Use in the morning and evening. Use daily.