Gold Lift Expert Day & Night Cream 40+ 50ML

Gold Lift Expert Day & Night Cream 40+ 50ML

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Gold Lift Expert 40+

Revolutionary Technology Of Lifting Gold Threads

Kombuchka™ Centella Asiatica Hyaluron 4D

Luxurious Firming Cream Serum With 24k Gold

Mature, Dry And Sensitive Skin

The gold thread face-lifting treatment, an alternative to invasive  surgical methods, is the indisputable number one at many aesthetic  medicine clinics. LIFTING GOLD THREADS are extremely effective in  rejuvenating and contouring the face.

Thanks to the 24k Gold Therapy 4D™ cutting-edge technology, the unique formulas of the creams enriched with 24K colloidal gold ensure  a multidirectional rejuvenating effect: they reduce established  wrinkles and restore the skin volume, acting like lifting threads.

24k Pure Gold Particles give a lifting effect to the  skin right from the application. They boost an intensive synthesis of  collagen, which enables to rejuvenate the face contour and visibly  reduce wrinkles. The gold also reinforces the effects of ANTI-AGE  complexes, slows down melanin production and brings back the natural  glow of your face.

Hyaluronic Acid, with a low molecular mass,  immediately penetrates the skin and creates micro-layers which fill in  wrinkles from the inside. It moisturizes the skin intensively and makes  the complexion more supple and flexible.

Instructions For Use: Apply daily in the morning and evening by gently massaging into cleansed ski

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